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Toys. (English)
Consortium 106, 4-7 (2014).
Summary: How about a career making toys? Someday, when it’s time to grow up and go to work, this could be a pretty good option! You already know you like to play with them. Sure, you might not have much time for toys like you did when you were younger. But if you find yourself in a basement rec room with some high-energy little kids, you’ll get back in the groove without delay: building, racing, knocking everything down, and starting all over again. So, what does it take to invent new toys? Probably just a pencil and paper and your imagination, right? But we’re talking about a career here, with business cards and conference calls and, most importantly, a paycheck. What does it take to make real toys, the kind that kids and parents will buy with real money? Time to ask the experts. Three genuine, big-time toymakers gave e-mail interviews, helping us prepare to prosper in this line of fun ‒ I mean work. (Hint: could toys have anything to do with\dots math?)
Classification: M90 U60
Keywords: modeling; toys
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