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Adult students’ experiences of a flipped mathematics classroom. (English)
Adults Learn. Math. 10, No. 1, 50-67 (2015).
Summary: The flipped classroom is a flexible blended learning model that is growing in popularity due to the emergent accessibility to online content delivery technology. By delivering content outside of class time asynchronously, teachers are able to dedicate their face to face class time for student-centred teaching approaches. The flexibility in implementation of a flipped classroom allows for a diversity in student experiences. The study presented in this paper uses qualitative methods of analytic induction to conduct a case analysis on survey and interview data collected from students participating in a flipped adult mathematics upgrading course at an urban Canadian university near Vancouver, BC. The key phenomenon of interest in the study is how adult students experience a flipped mathematics classroom. Of secondary interest is how factors such as autonomy and goals interrelate with these experiences. It is found that flipped classrooms can bifurcate into two types of student interaction: completely engaged and self-paced. Key interrelated factors in this bifurcation include adoption of cognitive autonomy support, goal orientation, and attendance.
Classification: D40 U50
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