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Maths journals and my experiment with year 7. (English)
Math. Teach. (Derby) 234, 27-28 (2013).
Summary: The author discovers the power of learning journals. This is an example of CPW with a ‘slow burn’, and proof that good ideas are independent of time. In mathematics teaching, how to record learning, and who is the appropriate audience for such recording is an enduring tension? If any record is to support learning and understanding then, it must have a significant ‘personal’ element and be free of restrictions as to format. A ‘learning journal’ can satisfy these challenging criteria. However, not all students can be expected to be ‘wowed’ by concept, but that is not to say that they ought not to be introduced to the idea. After all, they might just be going through ‘the slow burn’, only time will tell.
Classification: D40 U90
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