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A study on character education in mathematics. (Korean. English summary)
East Asian Math. J. 31, No. 2, 189-210 (2015).
Summary: Character means a person’s nature and the mind and behavior to lead a desirable life personally and socially. Also, the character can be changed by education and environment. Therefore character education will be possible in practice through various educational activities and life experiences in school. In other words, we think that students will get a person’s character required to lead a desirable life personally and socially beyond what they just learn, knowledge and skills, in higher schools and succeed one’s way. This study accepts merits of existing character education policy through subject (mathematics) education and focus on the direction for character education through subject (mathematics) education for a systematic and synthetic approach for the practice of character education. For this, we will see the applicability of the plan for character education in the whole subject education, in particular focusing on cases of character education in mathematics.
Classification: D20 D30
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