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Transition to school: prior to school mathematical skills and knowledge of low-achieving children at the end of grade 1. (English)
Perry, Bob (ed.) et al., Mathematics and transition to school. International perspectives. Singapore: Springer (ISBN 978-981-287-214-2/hbk; 978-981-287-215-9/ebook). Early Mathematics Learning and Development, 65-83 (2015).
Summary: Recent psychological studies as well as research findings in mathematics education highlight the significance of early number skills for the child’s achievement in mathematics at the end of primary school. In this context, the ongoing 3-year longitudinal study discussed in this chapter, investigates the development of early numeracy understanding of 408 children from 1 year prior to school until the end of Grade 1. The study seeks to identify children who struggle with respect to their mathematics learning after the first year of school and compare their achievements with their number concept development 1 year prior to school as well as immediately prior to school entry (Grade 1). Initial findings suggest that children’s understanding and skills with respect to number and counting are important precursors for later school success. The children who were identified as low-achievers in mathematics at the end of Grade 1, also demonstrated less knowledge and skills than their peers prior to school.
Classification: C32 C42 C41
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