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The math promise: celebrating at home and school. (English)
Teach. Child. Math. 21, No. 3, 178-184 (2014).
Summary: The Math Promise is a contract that family members make with one another. They commit to spending mathematical time together; getting to know each other’s mathematical thinking and understanding; and finding time to play math games, solve problems, and notice mathematics in their daily lives. Whether parents and children are cooking in the kitchen, planting in the garden, tinkering in the garage, or building a tree fort outside, these everyday life experiences are opportunities for math learning and should not be missed. Even a simple car ride can be a chance to calculate distance, watch signs, count, and practice mental math skills. This article suggests ordinary opportunities for engaging in mathematical thinking. Teachers and parents can encourage their students to solve problems mentally rather than over-relying on such math tools as pencils, paper, and calculators. The educators can be the bridge and give parents the tools and resources they need to help their children truly understand mathematics concepts and build their computational fluency (flexibility, efficiency, accuracy). Resources for launching the Math Promise are provided. (ERIC)
Classification: D42 M12 D82
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