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MEI insights. I: About MEI. (English)
Math. Sch. (Leicester) 44, No. 3, 17-19 (2015).
From the text: “Hands up if, before today, you had heard of Mathematics in Education and Industry ‒ MEI". This is a question I often ask at the start of a presentation where there is a varied audience, be it in a school, a college, a university or a company. In response to this question, people who have heard of MEI may only be aware of a specific aspect of our work, and often people have misconceptions about what we do. So what is MEI? We are an independent charity, committed to improving mathematics education. We employ a team of highly committed mathematics educators with an appetite for challenge and innovation, and we work to support curriculum development and professional development for teachers, and to have a positive influence on national mathematics education policy. To help us to answer the question ‘What does MEI do?’ John Berry, one of the editors of Mathematics in School, has asked MEI to contribute a series of short articles about its ongoing work. It seems appropriate to begin the series, which is to be entitled ‘MEI Insights: xyz’ with a quick look back at MEI’s history, our underlying culture, and perhaps most importantly, our passion for mathematics.
Classification: B10 A40
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