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Using dynamic software to foster prospective teachers’ problem solving inquiry. (English)
Ubuz, Behiye (ed.) et al., CERME 8. Proceedings of the eigth congress of the European Society of Research in Mathematics Education, Antalya, Turkey, February 6‒10, 2013. Ankara: Middle East Technical University (ISBN 978-975-429-315-9). 2714-2723 (2013).
Summary: Mathematical tasks are essential components that help prospective and practicing teachers to develop mathematics and didactic knowledge. What type of reasoning do problem solvers exhibit when they use a dynamic software to solve textbook tasks? We document the extent to which the use of the tool can offer prospective and in-service teachers the opportunity to construct and explore a task’s dynamic model where visual, empirical, and geometric reasoning complement and enhance formal approaches. As a result of our research, it was evident that the use of the tool not only offers novel ways to think of the tasks, but also the nature of routine problems can be transformed into a series of nonroutine activities.
Classification: U79 D59 D39
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