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Seeding confidence in estimation. (English)
Equals 19, No. 2, 16-18, electronic only (2013).
From the text: Two schools and two decades ago the author was having problems teaching Year 9 pupils to estimate. They wanted exact answers which was not appropriate for certain situations. One of the alpha males in the group was Barry who was very keen on tractors and farming and quite a few in this relatively small class were keen on the outdoor life, so I thought it would be good to capitalise on this. I brought in several packets of different types of seeds with their contents varying from 50 to 2500 according to the average contents written on the back. The aim was to see whether what was claimed was reasonable. In the pictures that follow I have recreated the work with seeds bought recently as when this was initially done in class digital cameras had not been invented.
Classification: N20 D83 F90
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