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Key ideas and memorability in proof. (English)
Learn. Math. 34, No. 2, 12-16 (2014).
Summary: This article discusses the concepts of “key ideas" and “memorability" and how they relate to the metric “width of a proof" put forward by the Fields medalist {\it W. T. Gowers} in a recent essay entitled “Mathematics, memory and mental arithmetic" [in: Mathematical knowledge. Proceedings of the conference, Cambridge, UK, 2004. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 33‒58, 175‒183 (2007; Zbl 1328.00088)]. The paper looks at the meaning of these concepts and attempts to show whether and how they are congruent with other aspects of proof discussed in literature on the teaching of proof and proving. It also explores how the insights behind “width of a proof" and “memorability" might in themselves mesh with various teaching perspectives.
Classification: E50 C30 E20
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