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Proof by picture: a selection of nice picture proofs. (English)
Parabola 50, No. 3, 5-15 (2014).
From the text: Just like any other cultural group, mathematicians like to tell stories. We tell heroic stories about famous mathematicians, to inspire or reinforce our cultural values, and we encase our results in narratives to explain how they are interesting and how they relate to other results. We also tell stories to convince others that our results are valid, and preferably also to explain why they are true. These stories are what you know as “proofs". You might think (perhaps with some trepidation) of proofs as formal, written sequences of logical steps. However, proofs can come in a variety of formats, some of which are more active or intuitive than a formal written proof. In this article, we show how proofs can be in the form of pictures, and we show a selection of these picture proofs that we find particularly elegant and instructive.
Classification: E50 K20 G40 E60
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