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New objectives for the notions of logic teaching in high school in France: a complex request for teachers. (English)
Ubuz, Behiye (ed.) et al., CERME 8. Proceedings of the eigth congress of the European Society of Research in Mathematics Education, Antalya, Turkey, February 6‒10, 2013. Ankara: Middle East Technical University (ISBN 978-975-429-315-9). 166-175 (2013).
Summary: If everyone agrees that logic is needed to do mathematics, there are divergences concerning the role of mathematical logic in acquiring the necessary and sufficient knowledge in this area. In France today there are new syllabuses in which notions of logic are explicitly mentioned. How do teachers integrate them into their teaching? In this paper, through a study of the French syllabuses and textbooks, I show the strong constraints and ill-defined conditions for this teaching of logic notions. I also describe the contents of an in-service training course for teachers, which aims to give them tools for this teaching.
Classification: E34 D34 U24 D39
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