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Teachers’ awareness of creativity in mathematical teaching and their practice. (English)
Issues Undergrad. Math. Prep. Sch. Teach., J. 4, Curriculum, 11 p., electronic only (2014).
Summary: The purpose of this study was to investigate pre-service teachers’ awareness of creativity in mathematics and mainly their ability to transfer the pedagogical knowledge for mathematical creativity into their suggested lesson plan as an indication of practice. The sample of the study was a group of pre-service teachers who were attending a bachelor degree program and had a special interest in the teaching of mathematics. Results of the qualitative analysis of the data indicated that their initial conceptions about creativity were affected by their previous experiences and the value of creativity in mathematics was underestimated. A course enabled them to propose teaching activities characterized by fluency and flexibility; however they preferred to use routine mathematical activities when they were asked to develop lesson plans due to their lack of strong self-efficacy beliefs to propose original activities and relate their actions with self-reflection. Discussion concentrates on using exploration and investigation of mathematical ideas, in order to fulfill the goals of the creative thinking, and in the development of courses at pedagogical departments which will enable pre-service teachers to get acquainted with new pedagogical ideas and apply them into practice.
Classification: D39 C30 C70
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