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Pre-service and in-service teachers’ views on the learning potential of tasks ‒ does specific content knowledge matter? (English)
Ubuz, Behiye (ed.) et al., CERME 8. Proceedings of the eigth congress of the European Society of Research in Mathematics Education, Antalya, Turkey, February 6‒10, 2013. Ankara: Middle East Technical University (ISBN 978-975-429-315-9). 3035-3044 (2013).
Summary: This study examines views of pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers on the learning potential of tasks and interrelations of such views with relevant content knowledge. Focusing on the role of representations for learning and the content domain of fractions, the paper hence aims at connecting different sub-aspects of professional teacher knowledge. The results indicate that the learning potential of problems focusing on a conversion of representations is hardly acknowledged in comparison to tasks requiring only a calculation on a numerical-symbolical representational level and giving a rather unhelpful pictorial representation. However, there is a tendency that teachers with higher content knowledge scores rate the learning potential of the first type tasks comparatively higher.
Classification: C29 D50 D39 F40
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