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An analysis of 2009 revised elementary first grade mathematics textbooks based on STEAM-related subject contents. (Korean. English summary)
J. Korean Soc. Math. Educ., Ser. C, Educ. Prim. Sch. Math. 17, No. 3, 277-297 (2014).
Summary: We analyzed which STEAM-related subject contents, except mathematical knowledge, are contained in 2009 revised elementary first grade mathematics textbooks. STEAM-related subject contents in the textbooks were examined by unit and by strand of the content in the elementary school mathematics curriculum. According to the results, the number and the type of STEAM-related subject contents are different depending on the unit and the strand of the mathematics content. Generally speaking, in each unit and in each strand of mathematics, storytelling liberal arts-related contents are seen the most, followed by non-storytelling liberal arts-related contents and physical education contents in order, while the number of musical contents was very small. So we need to develop different STEAM materials in order to activate STEAM education in our elementary math classrooms.
Classification: U22 M12
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