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An outcome-based framework for technology integration in higher education statistics curricula for non-majors. (English)
Technol. Innov. Stat. Educ. 7, No. 2, 15 p., electronic only (2013).
Summary: In response to the need for reformed, outcome-based higher education statistics curricula in the Philippines, this paper draws from current research on the role of technology in statistics education and presents a framework for technology integration in teaching undergraduate and graduate-level statistics for non-majors. Anchored on the principles of Outcome-Based Education, this framework combines ideas from Pearson and Gallagher’s Gradual Release of Responsibility Model and Taggart’s Reflective Thinking Model to guide the attainment of the goals and intended learning outcomes for teaching statistics with technology as expanded opportunity and support for learning success. The Gradual Release of Responsibility Model describes how responsibility of learning shifts gradually over time from teacher to student ownership and from modeled and guided instruction to collaborative and independent learning. The Reflective Thinking Model guides the course design where focus in teaching with technology moves from technical to contextual, and then to dialectical, in the transition from undergraduate to graduate-level statistics.
Classification: K15 U75 D35
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