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Developing competencies to teach exponential and logarithmic functions using GeoGebra from a holistic approach. (English. Portuguese summary)
Educ. Mat. Pesqui. 12, No. 3, 485-513 (2010).
Summary: Integrating technology into Math lessons is a complex issue that has to be addressed from a holistic viewpoint that takes into account different interrelated components. In this article, we propose the study of the development of four components (cognitive, didactic, technical and affective), and of their interactions, working with several groups of prospective teachers during 2 years and conducting a case study with selected students for deeper analyses. The research strategy is framed inside a Design Based Research (DBR). As part of the methodology used in the pre-service teacher training, multimedia learning scenarios to help the trainees learn how to teach exponential and logarithmic functions with GeoGebra are developed and implemented.
Classification: I20 U70
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