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Using crises, feedback, and fading for online task design. (English. Spanish summary)
PNA 8, No. 4, 127-138, electronic only (2014).
Summary: A recent discussion involves the elaboration on possible design principles for sequences of tasks. This paper builds on three principles, as described by {\it C. Bokhove} and {\it P. Drijvers} [Technol. Knowl. Learn. 17, 1‒2, 43‒59 (2012; ME 2012f.01119)]. A model with ingredients of crises, feedback and fading of sequences with near-similar tasks can be used to address both procedural fluency and conceptual understanding in an online environment. Apart from theoretical underpinnings, this is demonstrated by analyzing a case example from a study conducted in nine schools in the Netherlands. Together with quantitative results of the underlying study, it is showed that the model described could be a fruitful addition to the task design repertoire.
Classification: D50 U40 U50
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