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Different possibilities to learn from the same task. (English. Spanish summary)
PNA 8, No. 4, 139-150, electronic only (2014).
Summary: We focus on variation of the design and the implementation of a specific task during three mathematics lessons in the 8th grade in a learning study [{\it F. Marton} and {\it A. B. Tsui}, Classroom discourse and the space of learning. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum (2004); {\it U. Runesson}, “Learning to design for learning. The potential of learning study to enhance learning on two levels: teacher’s and student’s learning", in: T. Wood (ed.) and P. Sullivan (ed.), Knowledge and beliefs in mathematics and teaching development. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. 153‒172 (2008)]. The theme of the lesson was division, with a denominator between 0 and 1. The teachers wanted their students to understand that when dividing with a denominator less than 1, the quotient is larger than the numerator. Four teachers collaboratively planned, analyzed and revised three lessons in a cyclic process. The study shows that the implementation of the task changed between the lessons. Although the same task was used in the lessons, the way it was enacted provided different possibilities to learn.
Classification: D43 F43
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