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From knowledge agents to knowledge agency. (English)
Oesterle, Susan (ed.) et al., Proceedings of the 38th conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education “Mathematics education at the edge", PME 38 held jointly with the 36th conference of PME-NA, Vancouver, Canada, July 15‒20, 2014, Vol. 3. [s. l.]: International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (ISBN 978-0-86491-360-9/set; 978-0-86491-363-0/v.3). 281-288 (2014).
Summary: We further develop the notion of knowledge agent and analyse knowledge agency in an 8th grade mathematics classroom learning probability. By knowledge agency we mean the many ways and variations in which knowledge agents act. We also observe the teacher as an orchestrator of the learning process who as such invests efforts to create a learning environment that enables students to be active and become knowledge agents. In our previous work we have identified mainly a single student who acted as knowledge agent. Here we show how four students acted as a group of knowledge agents and that knowledge agency may appear in different forms: as one student and his followers, as two students, and as group of students.
Classification: C33 D43 K53
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