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Mathematics for the liberal arts. (English)
Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press (ISBN 978-1-4665-9336-7/hbk+ebook; 978-1-4665-9359-6/ebook). xxiv, 416~p. (2014).
Publisher’s description: This book teaches everyday mathematics topics to non-math majors at the undergraduate level. Through numerous examples and more than 600 exercises, students learn how to use math seamlessly in a variety of practical areas, from conversion factors, statistics, visualization, money, and risk to games, art, music, and humor. The text develops a logical, real-world approach to data and reasoning, showing students how to: { indent=5mm \item{‒} think both analytically and visually about data, \item{‒} use graphics to make a point, \item{‒} make sound monetary and nonmonetary decisions, \item{‒} evaluate risk taking, \item{‒} strategize to win at games, and \item{‒} appreciate more fully art, music, and humor. } Going beyond mere numerics and calculations, this textbook helps students become life-long learners exceeding the confines of a course. They will find that with a little more math, their daily lives will be more productive, understandable, and creative.
Classification: M10
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