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Probability and statistics for the use by engineers. Course, corrected exercises, simulation. (Probabilités et statistique à l’usage de l’ingénieur. Cours, exercices corrigés, simulation.) (French)
Paris: Paris: Editions TEC \& DOC (ISBN 978-2-7430-1451-3/pbk). xiii, 343~p. (2012).
This book is for engineering schools who are interested in studying probability and statistics and use these theories as a modeling tool, and also for mathematicians and economists who use probability and statistics in their work. The book has three parts. The first part is an introduction to the theory of probability, the second part studies Markov processes and the third part presents some topics of statistics. The book is full of exercises and MATLAB programs which help the reader to understand the presented theory.
Reviewer: Răzvan Răducanu (Iaşi)
Classification: K55 K65 K45 K75 K85
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