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Improving classroom instruction with apprenticeship practices and public lesson development as contexts. (English)
Li, Yeping (ed.) et al., How Chinese teach mathematics and improve teaching. London: Routledge (ISBN 978-0-415-89500-2/hbk; 978-0-415-89601-6/pbk; 978-0-203-11011-9/ebook). Studies in Mathematical Thinking and Learning Series, 171-185 (2013).
From the text: In this chapter I will describe and analyze the apprenticeship practices and the public lesson activities of two less experienced teachers within their school-based teaching research group (TRG). This study attempts to answer the research question: “How does the apprenticeship practice and public lesson activity develop teachers’ knowledge for teaching mathematics?” The two young teachers were assigned to teach fourth grade math with an excellent and experienced math teacher who acted as their mentor. An outstanding teacher at another school within their school cluster also mentored one of the two teachers. The mentors aided them in refining their instructional practice on a regular and sustained basis as they co-planned lessons and units, observed each other’s lessons, and shared and dicussed issues related to teaching, learning, and tests. Among all the various apprenticeship activities, the development of public lessons was the key approach.
Classification: D49 D39 B50
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