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The influence of curriculum material design on opportunities for student learning. (English)
ZDM, Int. J. Math. Educ. 46, No. 5, 735-749 (2014).
Summary: This paper explores how the design features of curriculum materials might influence potential opportunities to learn and student outcomes through a comparative, documentary analysis of four curriculum materials commonly used in the US. The four curriculum programs were developed to align with different theories of learning and mathematical goals and have strongly differing design features. Using findings of a large-scale, experimental study of the effects of the four curricula on student achievement as a backdrop, we analyzed the designs of the curriculum materials with respect to three analytical categories: (a) mathematical emphasis, (b) instructional approach, and (c) support for teachers. Results of the analysis reveal substantially different types of opportunities to learn across the four sets of materials. We hypothesize how these differences could explain the achievement results of the experimental study and point to additional influential factors to consider.
Classification: D30 B70 U20 C30
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