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Inter-viewing critical mathematics education. (English)
Alrø, Helle (ed.) et al., Critical mathematics education: past, present and future. Festschrift for Ole Skovsmose. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers (ISBN 978-94-6091-162-0/pbk; 978-94-6091-163-7/hbk; 978-94-6091-164-4/ebook). 1-9 (2010).
From the text: Inter-viewing refers to a dialogical act of viewing together, through conversation, a topic of common interest. The dialogical exploration breaks with the idea that an interview situation consists of questions posed by an interviewer and a series of answers given by an interviewee, as if answers and questions did not format each other and did not allow the interviewer and the interviewee to enter in a relationship of knowing together. In the case of this chapter, our inter-viewing consisted of an e-mail conversation, with a number of exchanges back and forth, between Helle, Ole Ravn and Paola. and Ole Skovsmose.
Classification: D20
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