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Hang Lung Mathematics Awards. Collection of winning papers 2006. (English)
Boston, MA: International Press; Changsha: Hunan Science and Technology Press (ISBN 978-1-57146-255-8/pbk). vi, 448~p. (2012).
Publisher’s description: This volume is a compilation of the winning research papers of the 2006 Hang Lung Mathematics Awards, a high-level research-based mathematics competition for secondary-school students in Hong Kong, with commentary by established mathematicians. Topics range from theoretical mathematics, such as number theory or geometry analysis, to commercial and technological applications, and game-related topics. The Hang Lung competition provides an opportunity for secondary-school students to apply mathematical knowledge, critical thinking, and creativity outside the school curriculum. This is a perfect reference work for students, instructors, and all mathematics lovers. The articles of this volume will not be indexed individually. For the 2004 collection see [Zbl 1302.97001; ME 2015a.00065].
Classification: A60 U40
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