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MATLAB. An introduction with applications. 5th ed. (English)
Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley \& Sons (ISBN 978-1-118-62986-4/pbk). x, 406~p. (2014).
This book was written following several years of teaching MATLAB in an introductory engineering course. The book is written in a simple and direct language and gives a very good introduction to the application of MATLAB. The fifth edition of the book is updated to MATLAB Release 2013b. The book has the following table of contents: 1. Starting with MATLAB 2. Creating arrays 3. Mathematical operations with arrays 4. Using script files and managing data 5. Two-dimensional plots 6. programming in MATLAB 7. User-defined functions and function files 8. Polynomials, curve fitting, and interpolation 9. Applications in numerical analysis 10. Three-dimensional plots 11. Symbolic math.
Reviewer: Hans Benker (Merseburg)
Classification: N80 U70 R20
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