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Exploring Archimedes’ quadrature of parabola with GeoGebra snapshots. (English)
Technol. Knowl. Learn. 19, No. 1-2, 101-115 (2014).
Summary: This snapshot offers methods of solving the quadrature of parabola, the area of the region (parabolic segment) bounded by the parabola and a chord, using Archimedes’ ideas of infinite sums and limits. In the first section, I provide the background of this problem along with relevant terminology and propositions from the works of Archimedes. The second section illustrates an exploration of this problem based on snapshots used in GeoGebra technology, a dynamic geometry software (DGS) that intertwines algebra, geometry, and spreadsheets environments.
Classification: G70 I20 I40 U70
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