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Developing curriculum vision and trust. Changes in teachers’ curriculum strategies. (English)
Remillard, Janine T. (ed.) et al., Mathematics teachers at work. Connecting curriculum materials and classroom instruction. London: Routledge (ISBN 978-0-415-99010-3/hbk; 978-0-415-89936-9/pbk; 978-0-203-88464-5/ebook). Studies in Mathematical Thinking and Learning Series, 321-337 (2009).
From the text: We first introduce curriculum vision and curriculum trust as constructs from the research literature that capture key aspects of changes observed in an elementary teacher’s interactions with the curriculum materials. We then describe our development and use of teachers’ curriculum strategies as a framework for characterizing the ways that teachers interact with curriculum materials. Then, in the final sections of the chapter, we use the curriculum strategy framework to argue that the changes observed over two years in the ways that she and two other veteran urban teachers used standards-based curriculum materials constitute evidence of the teachers’ development of curriculum vision and curriculum trust.
Classification: D30 D40 C29
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