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Part II commentary. Considering what we know about the relationship between teachers and curriculum materials. (English)
Remillard, Janine T. (ed.) et al., Mathematics teachers at work. Connecting curriculum materials and classroom instruction. London: Routledge (ISBN 978-0-415-99010-3/hbk; 978-0-415-89936-9/pbk; 978-0-203-88464-5/ebook). Studies in Mathematical Thinking and Learning Series, 85-92 (2009).
From the text: The chapters in this part represent initial steps in the needed work of theoretical and conceptual development about teachers’ interactions with curriculum materials. The authors identify and describe constructs and offer frameworks for how these constructs relate to one another. These frameworks, in turn, have implications for what we study about teachers and curriculum materials and how we do so. In the remainder of this commentary chapter, I synthesize the constructs and frameworks offered in the four chapters of Part II to build a conceptual map of the terrain of primary concern to research on teachers and curriculum materials. I then use this map to consider areas that need further conceptual or empirical work.
Classification: D20 U20 D30
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