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Teachers’ use of curriculum materials. An emerging field. (English)
Remillard, Janine T. (ed.) et al., Mathematics teachers at work. Connecting curriculum materials and classroom instruction. London: Routledge (ISBN 978-0-415-99010-3/hbk; 978-0-415-89936-9/pbk; 978-0-203-88464-5/ebook). Studies in Mathematical Thinking and Learning Series, 3-14 (2009).
From the text: Although this field of research on teachers’ use of curriculum materials is growing, it is still underdeveloped. Studies of teachers using textbooks in mathematics, reading, and history and the influence of textbooks on the curriculum taught began to emerge in the mid- to late 1970s. Still, interest in the questions underlying this research has waxed and waned over the years. Over time, researchers have gradually added to a collection of studies that offer insights into the teacher-curriculum relationship. Nevertheless, prior to the mid-1990s, this field never gathered momentum or cohered around a particular set of questions. Over the last decade, however, the field has grown tremendously, signaling increased interest in questions about how teachers use curriculum materials and whether and how newly designed materials can influence classroom practices and teaching more broadly.
Classification: D20 U20 D30
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