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Using video to improve preservice mathematics teachers’ abilities to attend to classroom features: a replication study. (English)
Sherin, Miriam Gamoran (ed.) et al., Mathematics teacher noticing. Seeing through teachers’ eyes. London: Routledge (ISBN 978-0-415-87862-3/hbk; 978-0-415-87863-0/pbk; 978-0-203-83271-4/ebook). Studies in Mathematical Thinking and Learning Series, 117-133 (2011).
Summary: We report on a replication study related to one particular and potentially promising use of video technology in preservice teacher education ‒ the effect of viewing classroom videos on teachers’ abilities to notice salient features of classroom instruction. We begin with the premise that, although preservice teachers spend a substantial amount of time observing other teachers’ practices, what they learn as a result of these observations is unclear. Being a good observer of another’s practice is a learned skill, and one reason preservice teachers’ observations of practice may not be fruitful is that these teachers may not have developed the ability to understand the complexity of the classroom and the full range of events that can be observed. Only after developing such an appreciation of the complexity of the classroom can preservice teachers develop the subsequent and critically important skill of noticing important features of classroom instruction. In this study, we focus on ways that the medium of video can be helpful in improving preservice teachers’ abilities to attend to the full range of events in classrooms, which we view as a precursor skill to noticing important features of classrooms.
Classification: C70 D20 C39 C49
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