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Engeneering mathematics for first year students. Formulas, exercises, solutions. (Ingenieurmathematik für Studienanfänger. Formeln, Aufgaben, Lösungen.) 3rd revised and extended ed. (German)
Wiesbaden: Springer Vieweg (ISBN 978-3-658-00572-6/pbk; 978-3-658-00573-3/ebook). 265~p. (2013).
Mathematical knowledge is still more and more demanded in engineering and in humanities, too. That is why mathematics is a part of almost any university studies. But for many students mathematics is a hard even very hard obstacle in their studies. Therefore textbooks which support mathematical knowledge and understanding and approach to mathematical reasoning are welcome. These two objects are achieved in two ways. The first is the content of the textbook and the second one the methodology used to introduce, explain and describe applications of mathematical knowledge. The textbook uses both ways to help at the beginning of mathematics studies. It is divided into 8 chapters. The content of the first 3 chapters is mainly a repetition of school mathematics and the rest of the book could be considered as beginnings of mathematics for bachelor students. It can be said that this book teaches math by doing. Many examples and their solution method as well as their results are contained. The textbook is very readable. It is strongly recommended for starting bachelor students and their teachers and for all who are interested to deepen their basic mathematical knowledge.
Reviewer: Eduard Kostolansky (Bratislava)
Classification: H65
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