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Identifying quantities ‒ children’s constructions to compose collections from parts or decompose collections into parts. (English)
Kortenkamp, Ulrich (ed.) et al., Early mathematics learning. Selected papers of the POEM 2012 conference, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, February 27‒29, 2012. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 978-1-4614-4677-4/hbk; 978-1-4614-4678-1/ebook). 189-203 (2014).
Summary: This chapter investigates children’s own constructions of recognizing or perceiving collections of objects. Identifying quantities of collections is a well-accepted content in early childhood education. Different ways of perception and determination of quantities of collections will be discussed because they shall contribute in different ways to the development of conceptual and procedural understanding of numbers. Firstly, different processes will be looked at which can be used for identifying quantities theoretically. The processes of perception, in particular the process of decomposing a collection into parts, will be focused on later. Questions will be asked about whether and how they decompose or structure collections of single objects into substructures or parts. On the basis of the results of the present study, conclusions will be drawn regarding how this ability can be supported and how children’s constructions must be considered as a basis for instruction in early mathematics education.
Classification: F21 F31
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