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Doing mathematics in the workplace. A brief review of selected literature. (English)
Adults Learn. Math. 8, No. 1, 7-19 (2013).
Summary: The aim of this review of selected literature on research into mathematics in the workplace is to offer researchers from the field of adult mathematics education an opportunity to become more familiar with this specialised area. In recent years much progress has been made, building on earlier research, but with increasingly nuanced understandings. In particular, sociocultural activity theory has played an important role, and several articles reviewed here have drawn on this theory. Their focus has been on gaining a comprehensive understanding of what workers actually do involving aspects of mathematics, set in the rich context of a functioning workplace. This encompasses taking account of workplace artefacts (technological and otherwise), various forms of communication (verbal and non-verbal), different forms of skills, and even the concept of boundary crossing; most importantly, how workers learn.
Classification: A50 M17 B60
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