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Comparison of Hungarian and Turkish prospective mathematic teachers’ mental cutting performances. (English)
Acta Didact. Univ. Comen., Math. 13, 47-58 (2013).
Summary: Spatial visualization abilities of prospective elementary mathematics teachers from Hungary and Turkey were compared. The survey was carried out by a common measure of spatial visualization: the mental cutting test (MCT). The study was implemented with 77 (47 females, 30 males) Hungarian and 91 (54 females, 37 males) Turkish junior level undergraduate students. In order to analyze the obtained data, frequencies, means, standard deviations and independent samples $t$-test were used. According to results, there was a significant difference between Hungarian and Turkish prospective mathematics teachers’ scores of MCT in favor of Hungarian sample and there was no gender difference for each and overall groups.
Classification: C39 G29
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