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Examples of reasons of using ICT in classroom for creative pupils activity. (English)
Sci. Issues, Jan Długosz Univ. Czȩst., Math. 16, 321-330 (2011).
Summary: We can create many activities when we place geometrical problems to solve in class. For example: analyzing questions, making observation, discovering property of geometrical objects, searching the dependences among them, making hypotheses, making argumentation, proving, investigation of special cases and many others. Using traditional didactic resources causes that the above-mentioned activities may be difficult for pupils at every level of education. It is also hard to explore the considered problems. That is why it is legitimate to search how to use ICT to support pupils in this process. Using GeoGebra based materials is an interesting idea for this purpose. Well made interactive materials can be used during normal lessons as well as during additional activities. Such a solution may increase understanding of the problem, and also allows a teacher to discuss with pupils extracurricular mathematics contents.
Classification: U70
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