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Examples of using new interactive technologies for filling the gaps in students knowledge. (English)
Sci. Issues, Jan Długosz Univ. Czȩst., Math. 16, 313-320 (2011).
Summary: Many changes in the curriculum of mathematics have been made during a few last years. Frequent changes carry certain consequences. Pupils which finish high school may possess different knowledge in different years. This is because they may have various ranges of educational material (different from those of their older or younger colleagues). Additionally, some parts of school mathematical material are more difficult to learn than others. Unfortunately, sometimes teachers tend to treat them cursorily. The planimetry is such a specific field of mathematics which requires specific thinking and analysis. It is necessary to reduce such differences in knowledge and skills, to supplement lacks of knowledge of students of the first year mathematics study. It is necessary to use the suitable tools to do this quickly and effective. Utilization of interactive GeoGebra based simulations and visualizations may be helpful in such a situation. Perfect co-operation with the interactive white-board and possibility of delivering didactic materials by Internet are their additional advantage. We show examples of such materials relating to similarities in our presentation. They are a part of developing project ‒ the course of geometrical transformations on the plane. It is addressed to students of the first year of mathematics study. However, these materials can be used at high school level during additional activities according to pupils interests.
Classification: U54 U74 D34 G44 G54 G74
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