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Using video as a tool for promoting inquiry among preschool teachers and didacticians of mathematics. (English)
ZDM, Int. J. Math. Educ. 46, No. 2, 253-266 (2014).
Summary: This paper explores the use of video as a tool for promoting inquiry among preschool teachers and didacticians. In this case, the didacticians are teacher educators who are also mathematics education researchers. Preschool teachers recorded themselves with video implementing number and geometry tasks with children and shared these recordings with other teachers and didacticians. The session where the teachers and didacticians viewed and discussed these recordings was recorded and viewed later by a group of didacticians. The multiple uses of video led to inquiry on several levels. Teachers inquired into the practice of implementing tasks with children, evaluating children’s knowledge, and the practice of using video as a tool. Didacticians inquired into their practice of research with children, their practice as teacher educators, the use of video as a tool in professional development, and the use of video in their inquiry process. Teachers’ and didacticians’ inquiries led to increased appreciation for the practice of inquiry, belonging to a community of practice, and its role in promoting both teachers’ and didacticians’ knowledge for teaching.
Classification: D39 D49 D20 U89 B50
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