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The effects of model-eliciting activities on student creativity. (English)
Lindmeier, Anke M. (ed.) et al., Proceedings of the 37th conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education “Mathematics learning across the life span", PME 37, Kiel, Germany, July 28‒August 2, 2013. Vol. 2. Kiel: IPN‒Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education at the University of Kiel (ISBN 978-3-89088-288-8). 329-336 (2013).
Summary: One part of a comprehensive study examining the implications and consequences of model-eliciting activities (MEAs) on mathematically talented and gifted students’ development in several dimensions. This part focuses on the effect of a MEA intervention program on students’ creative thinking. The method was based on pre-test and post-test forms of the figural torrance tests of creative thinking (TTCT). The participants were 71 school students with diverse cultural backgrounds who are members of “Kidumatica" math club. Some of the students participated in a control group and the rest participated in the intervention program. The TTCT pre- and post-tests were administered to both groups. Findings indicated that MEAs have the potential to develop and improve students’ creativity.
Classification: C30 D40 C40
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