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Teaching algebra and geometry with GeoGebra: preparing pre-service teachers for middle grades/secondary mathematics classrooms. (English)
Comput. Sch. 30, No. 1-2, 12-29 (2013).
Summary: GeoGebra is a free, open-source program that combines features of dynamic geometry software, computer algebra systems, and spreadsheet programs. With its unique ability to illuminate both algebraic and geometric concepts, GeoGebra provides a mechanism to improve how mathematics is taught and learned in middle grades/secondary classrooms. Based on personal experiences of demonstrating GeoGebra-based teaching methods to pre-service and in-service middle grades/secondary mathematics teachers, the lead author has used GeoGebra to enhance pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers’ mathematical thinking.
Classification: U70 N80 G40 I20 G70
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