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Training book on linear algebra: Problems and solutions. (Übungsbuch zur linearen Algebra. Aufgaben und Lösungen.) 6th revised ed. (German)
Vieweg Studium: Grundkurs Mathematik. Wiesbaden: Vieweg (ISBN 978-3-8348-0420-4/pbk). x, 286~p. (2008).
[For the first edition (1997) see Zbl 0895.15001.] The book is a training book on Linear Algebra. It is a collection of exercises and problems for which the authors offer in most cases detailed solutions. Comments, hints or lists of other references are given. At the final part, a index of notions and a list of used symbols are offered. There are 7 chapters with subchapters: 0 Linear Systems; 1 Basis; 2 Linear functions; 3 Determinants; 4 Eigenvalues; 5 Euclidian and unitary vector spaces; 6 Duality.
Reviewer: Cristinel Mortici (Targoviste)
Classification: H65 U45
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