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Training book on linear algebra: problems and solutions. (Übungsbuch zur linearen Algebra: Aufgaben und Lösungen.) (German)
Vieweg Studium: Aufbaukurs Mathematik. 88. Wiesbaden: Vieweg. ix, 270 S. (1997).
This book is a training book on Linear Algebra, preferably to use together with the tenth or eleventh edition of the textbook “Lineare Algebra” by {\it G. Fischer} (for the 5th ed. (1979) see Zbl 0421.15002). It presents the solutions of the exercises contained in the textbook and a lot of additional exercises. Starting with systems of linear equations and basics on vector spaces, the topics linear mappings, determinants, eigenvalues, Euclidean and unitary vector spaces and duality of vector spaces are tackled. In most cases the authors offer detailed and comprehensible proofs. They often add comments and hints on applications or refer to supplementary literature. So this book will certainly be helpful for everyone who wants to get acquainted with elementary methods of Linear Algebra.
Reviewer: Huberta Lausch (Würzburg)
Classification: H65 U45
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