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How to start? About introductory tasks concerning the teaching unit “fraction multiplication”. (Mivel is kezdjünk? Témainditó feladatokról a “tört szorzása törttel” anyagrész kapcsán.) (Hungarian)
Mat. Tan. 20, No. 2, 3-8 (2012).
How to motivate students? This is an important question for mathematics teachers if they begin to teach a new unit. One possibility of good motivation is a well-chosen introductory task. In this paper, the authors show 6 different concrete tasks to the introduction of fraction multiplication in grade 6. The problems are related to (1) the area of rectangle, (2) the linguistic expression of the fractional part of something, (3) some activities with two sheets of paper, (4) a real world situation, (5) a math story problem, and (6) the analysis of different (right or wrong) solutions. As a conclusion, the authors describe useful aspects to help teachers to design problem-oriented introductory tasks in general.
Reviewer: Eszter Kónya (Debrecen)
Classification: F43 D43
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