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Emphasis and balance among the components of teacher preparation: the case of lower-secondary mathematics teacher education. (English)
Blömeke, Sigrid (ed.) et al., International perspectives on teacher knowledge, beliefs and opportunities to learn. TEDS-M results. Dordrecht: Springer (ISBN 978-94-007-6436-1/hbk; 978-94-007-6437-8/ebook). Advances in Mathematics Education, 371-392 (2014).
Summary: This article examines the teacher preparation program learning opportunities afforded future lower secondary mathematics teachers and future elementary teachers who may teach mathematics. Data from U.S. participation in the recent international Teacher Education and Development Study in mathematics are explored against international profiles to address a critical issue often cited in the teacher education literature: Given the finite time available, what sort of balance is provided for course work across the areas of mathematics content, mathematics pedagogy, and general pedagogy? Results demonstrated major differences for lower secondary preparation programs in both the types of topics or courses covered and the relative emphasis across the three areas in those countries statistically outperforming the United States in comparison to U.S. programs. Similar but less striking differences were noted among elementary programs. These results should provide important empirical evidence relevant to the ongoing policy dialog concerning identifying the specific content of a quality teacher preparation program.
Classification: B50 D39 D49
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