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Formative use of intuitive analysis of variance. (English)
Math. Think. Learn. 15, No. 4, 291-313 (2013).
Summary: Students’ informal inferential reasoning (IIR) is often inconsistent with the normative logic underlying formal statistical methods such as analysis of variance (ANOVA), even after instruction. In two experiments reported here, student’s IIR was assessed using an intuitive ANOVA task at the beginning and end of a statistics course. In both experiments, students were provided feedback regarding the normative logic underlying ANOVA and how their reasoning compared with it. Additionally, students in experiment 2 were given an assignment in which they analyzed and interpreted other students’ performance on the intuitive ANOVA task. Results indicate that the feedback combined with the assignment (which required active explanation of both normative and non-normative reasoning applied to the task) led to more normative inferential reasoning at the end of the course, whereas providing feedback alone did not. Implications are discussed for using the intuitive ANOVA task as a formative classroom tool to help students improve their conceptual understanding of ANOVA.
Classification: K75 C35 D75 D45
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