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Elements of discrete mathematics. Numbers and counting, graphs and lattices. (Elemente der diskreten Mathematik. Zahlen und Zählen, Graphen und Verbände.) (German)
De Gruyter Studium. Berlin: de Gryuter (ISBN 978-3-11-027767-8/pbk; 978-3-11-027816-3/ebook). xi, 246~p. (2013).
The (German) title (Elements of discrete mathematics) of this textbook describes quite well its content: The chapters are devoted to elements of number theory (including applications in cryptography), (simple) asymptotics, discrete probability, enumerative combinatorics and generating functions, graph theory, posets, lattices, and Boolean functions. The book originated from lecture courses “Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists,” held at universities in Germany. The material is presented in a comprehensive, yet easy-to-read way.
Reviewer: Markus Fulmek (Wien)
Classification: K25 H55 F65 P25
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