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Springer-handbook of mathematics III. Founded by I. N. Bronstein and K. A. Semendjaew. Continued by G. Grosche, V. Ziegler and D. Ziegler. (Springer-Handbuch der Mathematik III.) (German)
Wiesbaden: Springer Spektrum (ISBN 978-3-658-00274-9/hbk; 978-3-658-00275-6/ebook). xiii, 529~p. (2013).
The third volume of the Springer handbook (for the other volumes see [Zbl 1276.00001; Zbl 1276.00002; Zbl 1276.00004]) is devoted to applications of mathematics. Chapter 5 discusses the calculus of variations and physics, Chapter 6 probability and stochastics. Chapter 7 covers numerical methods and algorithms in linear algebra, calculus and differential equations. These are followed by the newly written Chapter 8 on mathematics in economy and financial mathematics (including life insurance mathematics, the Black-Scholes model, game theory etc.) and Chapter 9 on computer science and algorithms, which discusses topics such as Turing machines, complexity classes, fuzzy methods etc.
Reviewer: Franz Lemmermeyer (Jagstzell)
Classification: K15 N15 M15 P15
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