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Inquiry approach for better mathematics teaching ‒ teachers’ reflections. (English)
Grevholm, Barbro (ed.) et al., Nordic research in didactics of mathematics: past, present and future. Oslo: Cappelen Damm Akademisk (ISBN 978-82-02-39348-9/pbk). 163-181 (2013).
Summary: In the project Teaching Better Mathematics the key ideas underpinning the work were learning community and inquiry. The project aimed to stimulate the development of an inquiry approach to mathematics teaching through teachers and didacticians working together, discussing mathematical tasks, teaching ideas and related didactical issues. Traditions within teaching and textbooks are highly influential as are also other constraints in the schools. In this article I will report briefly from project activities in workshops and school meetings to give the background for teachers’ reflections in focus group interviews. At the end of the project period, although with some reservations, teachers’ expressed their alignment with the inquiry approach to mathematics teaching. They claimed that they did not change much, but gradually developed their awareness of teaching approach and included more elements of inquiry, through open investigative tasks.
Classification: D40 B50 D20 C29
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