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Proposal for a framework to analyse mathematics education in Eastern and Western traditions. (English)
Leung, Frederick K. S. (ed.) et al., Mathematics education in different cultural traditions. A comparative study of East Asia and the West. The 13th ICMI study. Final outcome from the 13th ICMI study conference, Hong Kong, China, October 2002. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 0-387-29722-7/hbk). New ICMI Studies Series 9, 319-351 (2006).
Summary: In the following we will describe a proposal that permits a description or even a classification of mathematics teaching in different countries, in Eastern and Western countries as well, within a broader framework. By means of this proposal for a classification system questions about the reasons for the origins and philosophical bases of the differences in mathematics teaching in various countries will not yet be answered. However, it helps to recognise differences and similarities in mathematics teaching of different countries. Based on further studies this classification system might help to clarify how far these differences are influenced by educational philosophies or external economical and social aspects. Within the framework of a comparative study on German and English mathematics teaching we have set forth exemplarily such an approach. The study describes the educational conceptions and philosophies that have been developed during the last centuries in England and Germany and shows their impact on the national approaches to teaching mathematics. Such classificatory attempts for educational systems have a long tradition in comparative education and seem suitable to be continued as a reference for the above mentioned developments.
Classification: D20 C60 D30 D40
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